Automatic Chicken Nugget Production Line

Chicken nugget production line

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The chicken nugget production line is a set of equipment to produce chicken nugget, it is easy to operate and clean. And this production line can complete the process of forming, battering, breading automatically.

Meat consumption analysis

With the development of the world economy, people’s consumption of meat is also increasing. Today, the market value of processed meat is expected to rise from $714 billion in 2016 to $1.5 trillion in 2022. Poultry is the most popular processed meat, accounting for 38% of the global market. The rise of fast food culture has increased the processing of chicken.

The main process of Chicken Nugget production line

meat grinder to process raw materials into minced meat –  Vacuum tumbler for mixing– automatic patty forming machine to form shape– battering machine to wrap batter – Put powder on meat-batter again– frying machine to fry-deoiling machine to deoil– Blow dry with air flow machine

Step 1 meat grinder to process raw materials

The Chicken McNuggets’ raw material should be the Chicken breast or boneless chicken.The meat grinder machine can be used for meat or frozen meat.During the process of cutting the meat, it does not damage the muscle fiber and does not affect the taste of the meat. If you want to use this machine to handle meat with bones, please pay attention to remove the large bones in the material in advance, so as not to damage the machine.

meat grinder
meat grinder
Model Size Weight Power Output
    SL-42    980*540*1000mm    170    4KW    650KG/H
     SL-32     1120*580*1000mm    170kg     5.5KW     1200KG/H

Step 2 Vacuum tumbler for mixing

After you prepare the meat,next you need to mix the meat and flavor.In the chicken nugget production line,the flover of product is depends on this mixing step.

Vacuum tumbler is mixed with auxiliary materials and additives in a vacuum state evenly through tumble, press and pickle;

The protein in the raw meat is fully contacted with the brine to increase the adhesion between the meat pieces, increase the tenderness of the meat and maintain the water, and improve the quality of the meat pieces.


Step 3 automatic patty forming machine to form shape

The fully automatic patty forming machine can automatically complete the filling, forming, sticker, output and other processes of the filling.

hamburger patty forming machine
meat/vegetable forming machine

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which complies with food safety and hygiene standards. It has a wide range of applicable raw materials. The machine can produce hamburger patties, Mai Le chicken nuggets, pumpkin pie, vegetable pie, etc. on the market. It is an ideal molding equipment for fast food restaurants and food processing plants.

The machine can customize different sizes and shapes according to customer’s requirement.Therefore,the customer can customize several molds with one machine to achieve the production and processing of multiple products.

Step 4 battering machine to wrap batter

After form the meat,you need to use the battering machine to wrap a layer batter on the surface of meat to form a protective layer.Thus it will make sure the food’s protein and other nutrients are not destroyed by high temperatures, which can lock the fresh flavor of the food and retain the fresh taste of the food.

battering machine
battering machine
Converyor speed3-15m/min
Belt width300mm400mm600mm800mm

Step 5 Wrap powder on meat

Before the conveyor belt runs, you can sprinkle a layer of powder on the conveyor belt. When the product passes through the conveyor belt, the powdered conveyor belt and the powder spilled on it will evenly cover the meat;This process is to ensure the finished product crispy on the outside and tender on the inside

Converyor speed8m/min3-15m/min
     Mesh belt speed200mm300mm400mm600mm

Step 6 Batter again

This step is for the next frying preparation, covering the powder on the meat to make frying convenient

Step 7 frying machine to fry

In the automatic production line to produce chicken nugget,the frying machine is very important. For the continuous frying machine,The heating temperature and heating time can be adjustable according to different raw materials. Moreover, a constant oil temperature can be maintained to make sure fried products maintain good color and flavor during the frying process.

automatic frying machine
automatic frying machine
electric heating diameter
ModelSizeWeightEnergy consumptionCapacity 
CY35003500*1200*2400mm1200kg300,000 kcal500kg/h
CY40004000*1200*2400mm1500kg500,000 kcal600kg/h
CY50005000*1200*2400mm1700kg500,000 kcal800kg/h
gas heating diameter

Step 8 deoiling machine to deoil

After frying, oil will adhere to the surface of the product. If too much oil will affect the taste of the product, a deoil machine is required to shake off the excess oil on the surface of the product.

Continuous deoiling machine
Continuous deoiling machine

The vibrating degreasing screen vibrates under the drive of the vibrating motor, and the material vibrates up and down on the machine, causing the oil on the surface of the fries to vibrate on the vibrating screen, The machine has a certain amplitude to transmit French fries during vibration.

ModelSizeVoltage  PowerCapacity

Step 9 air flow machine

When the product pass through the air flow machine,the strong wind on the top blows the surface of the material so that it can go to the next step.The gap between the two fans can be adjusted so as to be suitable for drying different raw materials. This machine is not only suitable for Mai Le chicken nugget production line, but also suitable for fruits and vegetables washing line or high temperature cooling after sterilization.

Mesh belt width1000mm 
The Speed adjustment modemanual speed adjustmentmanual speed adjustment
Number of fans12 fans10 fans
Power 12KW, 380V / 50Hz7.5KW,380V / 50Hz
Materialhigh-quality food-grade stainless steelhigh-quality food-grade stainless steel
The thickness of fan fixing plate2mm 

The chicken nugget production line advantages

1. All the machines in the production line are in contact with food, all 304 stainless steel,

2. The product transmission is continuous during the production process, clean and tidy

3. A variety of molds can be customized, different molds can be replaced to produce different products, and the production range is wide

Chicken Nugget production line frequently asked questions

How much is the machine cost?

Different models have different price, just tell us your requirement, our sale will suggest you suitable model and price.

What is the raw material of your machine?

Our machines are made of stainless steel material, if you have special requirement for the machine, just feel free to tell us

What if the voltage can’t fit our country?

The voltage can be customized, just tell us before the machine is made.

Could you send your engineers to come here to install the machine?

For all machine,the machine is installed already.When you receive the machine,you can use it directly.

How is the occupitation of these machines?

Each machine has different models,and different customer has different requirements for the production line.We can equip the machine according to the customer’s site, or we can design a placement plan for you.

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