Automatic crumb breading machine | crumb coating machine

commercial crumb breading machine
The commercial crumb breading machine can realize the work of breading the fried food. It also can form a frying line with a battering machine, fryer, and other machines.

The commercial crumb breading machine is a kind of equipment for spreading bread crumbs on fried food. This equipment usually applies after the battering machine. This automatic breading machine widely applies in hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, pumpkin cakes, potato cakes, and other products popular in the market. It adopts special mesh belt spreading bread crumbs and screw lifting technology. It makes the operation more convenient and can achieve a uniform coating. The crumb coating machine is not only suitable for different bread crumbs but also can equip with machines such as batter coating machines and frying machines to achieve continuous production.

Commercial crumb breading machine application

The automatic crumb breading machine is suitable for almost all the breading work of fried food. It widely applies to meat, snacks, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, and other products. Meat products such as chicken fillets, chicken steaks, chicken rice crackers, chicken nuggets, patties, steaks, etc. Aquatic products such as squid sticks, shrimps, fish fillets, fish steaks, squid rings, oysters, and other products. Vegetables such as potato chips, lotus root strips, sweet potato cakes, vegetable cakes, and other products.

Automatic crumb coating machine application
automatic crumb coating machine application

How does the automatic breading machine work?

The crumb breading machine evenly sprinkles the bread crumbs in the hopper, then it will drop on the upper and lower mesh belts. It can achieve uniform coating on the surface of the material. The crumb coating machine can provide bread crumbs uninterruptedly, and evenly coat the bread crumbs on the product through the fan. The bread crumbs falling on the upper and lower mesh belts can be recycled through the circulation system, reducing the breakage and waste of bread crumbs.

Advantages of crumb coating machine

  1. The breading machine can adjust the thickness of the upper and lower bread crumbs by adjusting the crumbs discharge speed. Therefore, it can achieve different coating thicknesses according to the different requirements of customers for coating bread crumbs.
  2. The specially designed screw lifting device and the sliding design of bread crumbs greatly reduce the breakage of bread crumbs;
  3. It is not only suitable for crumbled breadcrumbs, but also for coarse-grained breadcrumbs.
  4. The whole crumb breading machine adopts stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.
  5. The frequency conversion speed control mesh belt makes the speed of the mesh belt easy to adjust. The adjustment speed range is 3-15m/min.
  6. A powerful fan blows off the excess bread crumbs to achieve an even coating.

Precautions for using the equipment

  • Place the crumb coating machine on a level ground steadily. Equipment with wheels needs to fix the casters and place the machine to slide.
  • Connect the crumb breading machine to the power supply according to the rated voltage to prevent the machine from not operating normally due to an incorrect power connection.
  • It is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine when it runs.
  • After using the machine, the machine should be cleaned to facilitate the next use.
  • When not running for a long time, it should clean and dry the coating machine place it in a dry and ventilated place.
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