How is the burger patty machine price for philippines?

burger patty machine in Philippines

The commercial burger patty machine can automatically complete the filling, forming, sticking, output and other processes of the meat fillings. We Taizy factory has exported these burger patty machines to many foreign countries. Then, how is the burger patty machine price for philippines? The meat patty machine can produce various popular products such as hamburger patties, McNuggets, potato patties, pumpkin patties, meat skewers, etc. It is an ideal meat forming equipment for fast food restaurants, food distribution centers, and food processing plants.

All kinds of meat patties
all kinds of meat patties

Main functions of burger patty machine

The hamburger patty forming machine can automatically complete the meat filling, forming, sticker (optional) output and other processes. It can produce patties of different shapes (round, square, oval, triangle, heart and other special shapes) by changing different molds.

The burger patty machine can be combined with a sizing machine, a flouring machine, a fryer, a cooking machine, a quick-freezing machine, a packaging machine, etc. to form an automatic cooked food production line.

The meat patty machine has the characteristics of high output and stable quality. The hamburger patty forming machine is suitable for forming all kinds of minced meat patties.

Burger patty forming machine for sale
burger patty forming machine for sale

Burger patty maker machine price for philippines

Burger patty making machine price philippines is the same price and quality as machines exported to other countries. But their prices will still vary greatly because of the difference in shipping costs and the different supporting equipment required by customers.

There is a big difference between the price of bare metal and the price of complete equipment. For example, some customers may only purchase a single burger patty machine due to limited budget. Other customers need to purchase a complete set of patty processing equipment, such as meat grinder, meat filling mixer, patty forming machine, quick freezer, packaging machines, etc.

Under normal circumstances, if the customer buys more patty equipment, our factory will give the customer a certain discount price to reduce the customer’s investment cost. Recently, on the occasion of my country’s National Day, our factory has discounted many export products. Therefore, our factory has recently exported a lot of burger patty machines to the Philippines. Customers who want to start a meat patty production business are welcome to buy a very favorable burger patty machine price for Philippines.