How to make a puffed snack?

puffed snack

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There are many kinds of puffed snacks in the market, and the tastes are also various. For example, puffed corn, puffed rice, puffed wheat and so on. The puffed food not only have a various kinds.Moreover, puffed food also has a wide audience, which is suitable for people of all ages and all classes. How these puffed food made?Does each product need one machine to puff?Actually,it only need one corn puff machine is ok.

puffing machine puff food
puffing machine puff food

The difference between single & twin screw extruder

The puffed corn machine is a double screw puffing machine, which is developed from a single screw puffing machine. A single screw extruder is suitable for extruded various raw materials and common pet feed. The double helix corn extruder has a good final expanded corn shape and high maturity. It can continuously produce a variety of small grain products, and density control is more stable and reliable.

Components of puffed corn making machine

The puffed food making machine is used to directly puff starch raw materials such as rice, corn, flour, etc., under the action of a few eyes of the twin screw, the puffed food is puffed from the mold outlet into various puffed foods commonly seen in the market. The puffed food making machine is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, lubrication system and control system.

Why can we use one machine to make multiple puffed foods? The wheat extruder can replace different molds.So you can change different molds to make various puffed food.

The puff machine has big capacity with stable structure.And it is easy to operate,it is suitable for commercial food production.Also,it can equip with a puffed snack production line with a  powder mixer, feeder, fryer and drum seasoning machine.

Corn extruder working video

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