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snack puffing machine
snack puffing machine

The snack puffing machine is also called a screw extruder. It is a machine specialized in puffing food. The screw extruder machine has a wide range of applications. The puffed food is delicious and crisp, easy to carry, and the machine is easy to operate with an electronic screen. Therefore, it is welcomed by many food processing plants.

The application of a snack puffing machine

The snack puffing machine is widely used for puffing various shapes and flavors of snacks. It mainly puffs various powdered raw materials, such as rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat in processing life. This screw extruder can apply to puff corn, the puffed snack production line to make puffed snacks.


The machine can be used to make corn flakes, potato chips, sandwich rice crackers, extruded fried snacks, macaroni, and spiral or shell-shaped, and other pet foods of different shapes. The puffed food produced by the puffing machine has a high degree of maturation, and the quality of the finished product is good.

Video of corn puff extruder machine

Working principle of screw extruder puffing machine

The main working principle of the extruder puffing machine is the conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy. The heat generated when the machine rotates is used to squeeze the food into maturity. The most obvious feature of the expanded food is that the volume becomes larger. The double screw extruder machine is generally composed of feeding, extrusion, heating, rotary cutting, and other parts.


First,there is a feeder that conveys the raw material into the feeder inlet. Then it will extrude the raw material into the puffing machine’s main body at a certain speed. The screw extruder extrudes the material and squeezes the material into the high-temperature heating cylinder under high temperature and high pressure. It is formed by heating and extruded from the mold mouth. When passing through the outlet, there is a rotary knife to cut the puffed food into uniform small pieces at high speed.

The main function of snack making machine

When the puffing machine puffs food, it will have some effects on the food. It includes cohesion, degassing, dehydration, and swelling function. After these, puffed food has a bright color, fine texture, and rich taste.

Cohesion——During the puffing process, food or raw material can be tightly combined to form small discrete pieces.

Degassing——If food or raw materials contain bubbles ,the bubble will be removed during the puffing process.

Dehydration——During the puffing process, the moisture content of the raw material will be lost by 4%-7%.

Swelling——The bulk density of the material will change during expansion, such as sinkability or floatability.

Advantages of screw extruder machine

  • The screw extruder adopts a multi-section type, each part can control the temperature independently;
  • There are steam and electric heating methods can be chosen, the customer can choose the convenient heating way according to customer’s local heating requirement;
  • We can customize the extrude molds according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Adopt a separate electric control cabinet to precise control production parameters, which is easy to operate, safe, and efficient.
  • There are many models for this machine, which is convenient for customers to choose a suitable output machine according to their production needs.Such as 100-150kg/h,200-300kg/h,300-600kg/h,etc.


Input Voltage380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Installed Capacity35KW46KW46KW90KW
Power Consumption22KW30KW30 KW55KW
Screw Length1050mm1520mm1520mm1563mm
Screw Diameter65mm65mm70mm80mm
Motor Power22kw30kw30kw55kw
Heating Power10kw10KW12kw18 kw
Feeding Power0.75KW0.75 kw0.75 1.5kw
Cutting power0.75KW0.75 kw0.75 1.5kw
Oil pump power0.37Kw0.37kw0.370.37 kw
technical data

Export case

corn puff machine price

Corn puff extruder machine price

The corn puff extruder machine is an advanced twin-screw extruder, suitable for various puffed snack food. The extruder integrates compression, mixing, mixing, shearing, melting, sterilization, expansion, molding, and other functions, and has high efficiency. The corn puff machine price is at factory price, based on the comprehensive cost and services. The price can be different according to the machine materials, machine types, and outputs.

Corn puff extruder

How does the double screw corn puff extruder work?

A corn puff extruder also called a screw extruder machine, is designed to produce puffed foods. The main working principle is that mechanical energy is transformed into thermal energy. The thermal energy generated by rotating and extrusion of the maize puffs machine expands the shape of raw material.

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