Corn maize puff machine snack extruder sold to South Africa

cereal puffing machine
Our company has been committed to manufacturing puffed food making machine for many years, and sold the machinery to many countries. Recently, our corn puff machine was exported to South Africa.

Puffed food is a kind of snack processed by puffing machines. The raw materials can be grains, beans, vegetables, and others. With a wide variety, exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crispy and flavored tasty, puffed food has become a major leisure snack in many countries. As puffed food extruder machine has various functions, it has wide use in animal feed and industry. Our company has been committed to manufacturing puffed food making machine for many years and sold the machinery to many countries. Recently, we exported our corn puff machine to South Africa.

Corn puffing machine
Corn Puffing Machine For Packaging

Corn puff machine South Africa order introduction

The customer from South Africa decided to expand his business in puffed corn snack food. For a larger output and diverse puffed products, he needs a highly efficient and multifunctional corn puff machine. Knowing about his exact demand, we recommended him our double-screw extruder machine with 500kg/h. This corn puff machine South Africa adopts an advanced structure, and stably produces large quantities of puffed snacks with high quality. Moreover, the product shapes are attractive and uniform and can be adjusted with the use of different molds. The customer got impressed with this type of multifunctional corn puffing machine. Then, he contacted us to know about delivery details and after-sale service.  After communicating all the details, he placed an order and signed a contract with us.

Double-screw of puffed food extruder
Double-Screw Of Puffed Food Extruder

Why do customers choose our puffed snack machine?

The corn puff machine in South Africa is just an example of the case of our sales. The snack extruder has many outstanding features. The design of the extruder is reasonable and the production efficiency is high. The capacity generally ranges from 100-500kg/h. Due to a high puffing coefficient, a little raw material can make a lot of puffed food. Thus, it has a high input-output ratio and can bring considerable profit. The corn puffing machine is also very easy to operate and the machine is durable with convenient maintenance. The screw of the puffed food extruder advances rapidly and the product quality is relatively stable. Different molds can be prepared according to specific needs to ensure the required material specifications. Thus, our corn puff machine has been popular in South Africa and many other nations.

Puffing machine manufacturer
Puffing Machine Manufacturer

Puffed food industry and market

As people’s living standards improve, the consumption mode is gradually developing towards leisure and diversification. People’s demand for leisure food is increasing day by day, and the retail sales of the puffed food market are also increasing. With the development of puffing technology, the puffed food industry has advanced rapidly, and the types of products have been further enriched. The demand for various puffed food is growing fast. Apart from sending corn puff machine to South Africa, we delivered the machine to various countries.

For more details about our corn puff machine South Africa, welcome to get in touch with us.