Commercial sesame ball making machine | ball coating and rolling

commercial sesame ball making machine
The commercial sesame ball making machinecan make energy balls,date balls,amaranth balls by adding different balls.

The sesame ball making machine is a multi-functional filling and rounding equipment. It can wrap the dough and fillings and realize the functions of automatic flouring and rounding. By placing different fillings and dough, it can make a variety of products. Sesame ball forming machine widely applies for making sesame ball, protein ball, date ball, energy ball, amaranth ball, and other products. The sesame ball made by a date ball making machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, consistent size, smooth and delicate surface. It is widely used in restaurants, schools, food production plants, etc.

Commercial sesame ball making machine application

The commercial sesame ball coating and rolling device are suitable for producing all kinds of stuffed products. It can make different products according to different types of dough and fillings. And this machine can produce sesame balls of various sizes. For example, the sesame ball maker can produce energy balls, date balls, amaranth balls, and other balls. It can produce 15~150g sesame balls.

Sesame ball forming machine composition

Sesame ball forming machines mainly composes of dough discharge devices, filling discharge devices, and forming devices. In order to realize the rounding of the sesame ball, it also needs a flour coating device and a rounding device. And we can also choose the right machine according to customers’ different products.

The dough discharge system is used to place the dough, and it will discharge the dough under the action of the dragon

The discharge system is used to control the amount and speed of the filling.

The sesame ball making machine’s forming system mainly wraps the dough with fillings

Automatic date ball coating and rolling equipment

The automatic date ball coating and the rolling machine are mainly used to wrap the dough with fillings. The formed date ball is not very round yet, it needs a rounding machine for rounding. For balls wrapped in dough, also needs to use a flour coating machine coat the balls with a layer of flour. This will ensure that the sesame seeds are firmly attached to the ball.

Protein ball making machine
Sesame Ball Making Machine

Parameters of sesame ball making machine

Capacity:70~100 pcs/min

Sesame ball weight:15~150g/pc




Commercial date ball making machine advantages

  1. The sesame ball forming machine adopts frequency conversion control to extrude dough and fillings. Therefore, the discharge speed of the dough and filling can be controlled by the control panel.
  2. Sesame ball forming machine’s appearance and discharging system adopt twisted screw structure and digital frequency conversion control. It can arbitrarily adjust the amount and speed of dough and stuffing.
  3. The machine has the characteristics of automatic molding. Put the dough and fillings into the hopper, it can automatically realize the functions of filling and discharging.
  4. It can produce different kinds of products by placing different fillings. Therefore, the sesame ball making machine widely applies in the production of wrapped pasta by various food institutions.
  5. The main parts of the sesame ball forming machine adopts stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which are safe, hygienic, and beautiful in appearance.
  6. The machine has a high degree of automation and accurate quantification. One person can operate the machine, and the produced sesame balls have roughly the same weight, size, and good shape.
  7. After forming, it can equip with a commercial food frying machine for frying.

How to use a commercial sesame maker machine?

  1. Connect the opposite voltage according to the machine manual and turn on the power. The equipment must steadily place on the ground and forbidden to wash equipment with water.
  2. Check whether the dough, filling, forming speed, and shaping part are normal.
  3. After adjusting the parameters, open the sesame ball making machine for trial operation and observe the output of the dough, fillings, and the condition of the package. Adjust the appropriate parameters according to the conditions of the trial operation.
  4. After adjusting the parameters through the trial operation, the prepared dough and fillings can be placed in the hopper for mass production. During the production process, the dough should be kept with sufficient fillings. And intermittently sprinkle some dry powder into the conveyor belt to prevent adhesion.