Precautions for using protein ball making machine

protein ball making machine
The protein ball making machine can automatically complete the steps of discharging, filling and wrapping to form protein balls. What are the precautions when using it?

    The protein ball making machine has a wide application, it can produce a variety of products wrapped in fillings. Especially, the energy ball making machine can automatically discharge dough, stuffing, and wrapping. Moreover, it can also equip with flour coating machines and rolling machine. Therefore, this commercial protein forming machine is popular all over the world. So what products can protein ball makers produce? What are the precautions when using this equipment?

    The finished product made by a Commercial protein ball making machine

    The protein ball making machine contains two filling systems, the noodle production system and the filling system. Therefore, it can make different products by filling the same or different fillings into two filling systems. For example, it can fill two systems with dough and glutinous rice flour to make sesame balls; put a mixture of dates and noodles in both systems to make date balls. By filling with the same or different fillings, it can make energy balls, protein balls, amaranth, balls, and other products.

    Protein ball making machine application
    Protein Ball Making Machine Application

    Features of energy ball making machine

    The energy ball making machine adopts the forming technology of disc extrusion and rounding. The products made by this machine have a beautiful appearance and uniform size

    Put the dough and filling into the feeding port, and the machine will automatically mix the two, round and shape. The molded product is not easily deformed.

    The protein ball making machine has a reasonable design, and the appearance, filling, and forming parts are all controlled by independent motors. There will be no overall failure, and it is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

    The machine uses an intelligent PLC display screen to control the entire process. It can adjust the dough, filling amount, and the weight of the energy ball according to the production situation.

    Precautions for using protein ball forming machine

    • Commercial protein ball making machine has powerful functions and easy operation. However, there are some points to pay attention to when using the energy ball making machine.
    • Although the machine can use different kinds of skins and fillings to make different products. However, the product should be able to be held tightly into a ball by hand. If it can’t form a ball when it is held tightly by the hand, it cannot be made into a ball using this machine.
    • The machine has two hoppers: a dough hopper and a filling hopper. Therefore, you can place different raw materials in the two hoppers to produce wrapped products, such as sesame balls. Or, you can put the same fillings in two hoppers for production, such as date balls.
    Energy ball making machine rolling part
    Energy Ball Making Machine Rolling Part
    • The size and weight of sesame balls produced by different customers may vary. Therefore, before using this protein ball making machine to make a protein ball, you should first test it. Adjust the speed of noodles and fillings, and test the shape and size of the ball through experiments. After the adjustment, you can carry out mass production.
    • The ball making machine is just a machine used to wrap the dough and shape it. The sesame balls produced by this machine are not round enough and the sesame seeds have not yet been attached. If you need to make round sesame balls, you also need a wrapping machine and a rounding machine for subsequent operations.