Crispy meat fryer exported to South Africa

crispy meat fryer for south africa

    The crispy meat fryer is a multifunctional frying device that can be used to fry a variety of foods. This continuous fryer is available with electric and gas heating. Recently, we exported a crispy meat fryer with a processing capacity of 300kg/h to South Africa. The South African customer will use the frying machine to make several locally popular fried foods to sale.

    Why choose crispy meat fryer from Taizy for South Africa?

    This South African client is investing in a fried food processing business for the first time. He sees this as an opportunity to change himself. The South African client was newly married and his wife encouraged him to start a business.

    The factory where the South African client was working closed down six months ago, which has been frustrating for the client. His wife has been encouraging him to regain his confidence and start his own business. Therefore, the client intends to open a food store according to his interests and the needs of the local market.

    All kinds of fried food
    all kinds of fried food

    When the customer contacted our factory, we quickly developed a specific production plan for him. We have also been encouraging him after hearing the customer’s story and giving him a lot of advice based on other customers’ experience in deep-fried food processing. Customers are satisfied with the service we provide.

    How is a good crispy meat fryer look like?

    1. The circuit control system should be reliable. All electrical connectors should be firmly connected and numbered, the operation buttons should be flexible, and there should be an emergency stop button, the indicator light shows normal, and the wires should not be exposed.
    2. The temperature control of the crispy meat fryer should be sensitive. The temperature adjustment gradient of the heat transfer medium of the fryer should be ≤2℃, the heating rate should be ≥6℃/min, the shell temperature should be ≤45℃, and the pass rate should be ≥80%. When 500 volts DC is applied between the power circuit conductors and the protective earth circuit, the measured insulation resistance shall not be less than 1 meter ω.
    3. The appearance quality of the fryer. Surface-treated parts should be uniform in color and free from defects such as blistering, delamination, spots and corrosion.
    4. The crispy meat fryer should be equipped with protective devices and affixed with warning signs, especially to prevent injury, fire and leakage. Equipment should be heat and corrosion resistant and easy to clean and disinfect.
    Taizy fryer machine for sale
    Taizy fryer machine for sale