How does the snack making machine make corn puff?

corn puff products produced by puffing machine

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Puffed snacks have the characteristics of crisp taste, easy digestion, and changeable taste and shape. It is widely welcomed by young and old people all over the world. Among them, corn puff is the most popular puffed snack. As a snack making machine manufacturer, the below introduce you to how to make corn puff by the machines.

The composition and function of the snack production line

The puffing production line consists of a mixer, a puffing host, a baking machine, a seasoning machine and a packaging machine.

corn puff making machines
corn puff making machines
  1. The mixer machine applies to mix cornflour and other seasonings. You can transform the taste by adding other powdered seasonings.
  2. The corn puff making machine first extrude the cornflour at high temperature. Then it forms a specific shape after pressure-reduced puffing, cooling, drying, and other processes in the puffing host. In particular, there is an extrusion die at the end of the puffing machine. Through this mold, it can expand a specific shape corn puff. Taizy snack making machine manufacturer provides a variety of molds for different customers to choose from.
  3. Although the raw materials are extruded at high temperature in the extruder machine, the puffed corn is still immature. Therefore, it needs a machine to bake or fry them for secondary curing. Baking technology breaks through the unhealthy defect caused by excessive fat. At the same time, using a bakery machine to bake can reduce the loss of protein in corn flour.
  4. To make sure the puffed food obtain rich taste, it needs a seasoning machine for various flavors We provide a continuous seasoning machine and octangle seasoning machine. They are suitable for large, medium, and small puffing plants.
  5. In the last step, it needs a packaging machine to pack corn puffs for more convenient storage and carry. According to the different packaging styles, we provide different packaging machines.

The above are the steps for making puffed corn. In order to meet the needs of different specification customers, snack making machine manufacturer provides production lines with different specifications and output. Moreover, the puffed food line is also suitable for different raw materials.

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