Operation guide for large puffed food machine

large puffed food machine

The puffed food machines at the Taizy factory usually come in a variety of models and different volumes. We not only provide customers with high-quality puffed food machines but also provide customers with free molds and detailed operating instructions. Here, we briefly introduce the operation instructions of the large puffed food machine, hoping to help customers who are engaged in the puffed food processing business.

Features of large puff food extruder

Taizy puffed food machine is currently the largest domestic puffing equipment manufacturer. This puffed food extruder is heated with liquefied gas. The main raw materials that can be used to make puffed food are soybean, corn, rice, wheat, and other whole grains. This kind of machine has the advantages of large output, low energy consumption, and high safety factor.

Operation process of puffed food machine

  • The operator must be a trained and skilled worker to operate the puffed food machine.
  • Before each production shift, the machine’s transmission components are to be filled with lubricant, and check whether the components are loose.
  • For the first puffing, the machine must be preheated to about 100 ℃ empty tank. Then the material is to be puffed, plus 50g of edible talc stirred (the material must meet the following requirements: no impurities, no broken particles, water content ≤ 10%) into the tank.
  • The operation must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures for production.
Puffed food extruder for sale
puffed food extruder for sale

What safety measures need to be taken?

  • Puffed food machine in the normal production process, such as the tank gland found to have air leakage, in the case of the pre-tightened gland is not effective, it should be replaced the gasket.
  • Equipment must be connected to a reliable ground wire to prevent leakage.
  • When gas leakage is found in the LPG pipeline, it must be shut down for inspection to eliminate hidden dangers. At the end of production, the main valve of the gas source should be closed.
  • When the puffed food extruder is in use, please do not have people walking in front of the equipment. The operator should stand at the back of the equipment.
  • When the equipment is in use, there is a certain amount of loud noise, the customer had better do a good job of sound insulation measures.