Thailand Popcorn Chicken line

Chicken Popcorn Chicken production line supplying to Thailand

Chicken popcorn chicken is not only delicious but also has huge investment profits. We have exported several production lines to the United States, Spain, Japan, and other countries. Recently, we will deliver another 100kg/h chicken popcorn chicken production line to Thailand.

automatic continuous frying machine

Precautions for the automatic continuous fryer

The continuous automatic frying machine has the characteristics of simple operation, fast heating, time saving, oil saving and long life. What should be paid attention to during use, so as to use the machine correctly and extend the service life of the machine?

veggie burger

Benefits for the veggie burger

The veggie burger is meatless pies, usually made from grains or tofu and vegetables. It is often called a vegetable patty, Vegetarian patties refer to

batter application

The usage of batter in fried food

Most of the fried foods we eat have a layer of batter on the outer layer.Generally,the batter is  thin dough that can be easily poured

The common question about food frying machine

Sometimes customers worry that the food frying machine is not easy to use, or the frying effect is not good. Why do customers worry about this? Next, we will solve the doubts for you through the relevant knowledge we summarize.

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