Vacuum fryer machine-GOOD color preservation effect

Unlike other food frying machines, the vacuum fryer machine has a better frying effect, especially the color preservation function towards fried food.

Unlike other food frying machines, the vacuum fryer machine has a better frying effect, especially the color preservation function towards fried food.

The vacuum fryer uses fresh fruits and vegetables as the main raw materials, edible vegetable oil as the heat medium, and adopts low-temperature vacuum frying (VF) and other advanced technologies. It can quickly dehydrate and dry in a very short time to obtain very low water content. The fruit and vegetable foods processed by a vacuum fryer machine have low oil content and are not greasy when eaten.

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Vacuum Fryer Machine-

The introduction of a vacuum fryer machine

The frying temperature of the vacuum fryer should be lower than 95 ℃, avoiding wasting oil generated by the excessively high temperature (80 ~ 120 ℃). Due to the low temperature of vacuum frying, the heating method can not be electricity, since a large amount of waste oil will be generated due to high temperature.

The disadvantage of the traditional food fryer

At the same time, the traditional fryer machine has many disadvantages. When de-oiling, serious problems will occur, resulting in poor initial puffing of fruit and crisp products. What’s more, the output has high oil content, and the technology of the traditional vacuum fryer is not yet mature.

The features of vacuum frying machine

  • Automatically control the temperature and pressure (vacuum degree) to ensure product quality and safe operation.
  • Deoiling adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. And the vacuum frying machine is suitable for all products with low oil content and high oil content.
  • The oil-water separation system can cool and separate the evaporated water and oil, and reduce the pollution of the water cycle. Meanwhile, it can improve the repeated use rate of water, and reduce the loss of oil.
  • The oil filtration system includes upper and lower oil tanks, a dual-chamber heating system,s, and heating separation control. Besides, the circulating oil filtration system can keep the grease always clean, reducing oil waste.
  • The vacuum fryer machine adopts stainless steel with high working efficiency.