How to choose a vacuum pack food machine?

There are many types of vacuum pack food machines, how to choose a good vacuum pack food machine? Which factors should you consider when you purchasing?

There are many types of vacuum pack food machines, how to choose a good vacuum pack food machine? Which factors should you consider when you purchasing?

Vacuum packing machinery
Vacuum Pack Food Machine

First of all, know about the type of vacuum pack food machine

I choose some common vacuum packing machines for you. Of course, in addition to the following, there are other different types on the market.

Vacuum nitrogen filling packing machine

The vacuum nitrogen filling packing machine is to put food into the packaging bag, and then draw out the air in the bag. When it reaches a predetermined vacuum degree, you can fill it with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other gases. Finally, the machine can seal the bag automatically. The working procedure is automatically controlled by PLC, and the time of each working link can be adjusted independently according to different packaging materials and volumes.

Single-chamber | double-chamber vacuum pack food machine

You only need to press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the process of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, and exhausting. After packaging, the product can prevent oxidation, mildew, moths, and moisture, and extend the shelf life of packed food.

The film vacuum pack food machine

The principle of it is to heat a forming mold firstly, and then use the mold to punch into the shape of the container. Finally, you can put the food into such a container to pack. It is mainly composed of a vacuum system, sealing system, hot-press sealing system and electrical control system, etc.

Continuous vacuum packing machine

The working principle of the continuous vacuum packing machine is to adopt chain transmission, and it can pack food continuously. The whole machine uses imported PLC programmable logic controller and computer touch screen. The operating system is fully sealed, and it can be rinsed with clean water.
Other factors to consider

  1. Packing speed. If you want the vacuum pack machine to work with higher efficiency, you can choose a dual-chamber or multi-chamber vacuum packaging machine.
  2. Whether the packaged items need to be filled with other protective gases. You can choose a multifunctional vacuum packaging machine with an inflation device,
    3.Requirements for the vacuum degree of the packaged items. If the packaged items need to be kept intact under the condition of a high vacuum, you need to choose the cavity vacuum packaging machine.
    4.The shape of the packaged items
    When purchasing, for packaging solid, granules, and other relatively dry and non-corrosive materials, the material can be aluminum alloy. If you pack soup, materials with high salt and acid content, the material of the machine should be stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy. The sealing ring is generally made of silicone rubber or black rubber, and a few low-end products use foam rubber. Silicone rubber has high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, and long service life. However, foam rubber has poor sealing performance, and it is easy to fall off.