What problems need to be solved in vacuum fryer?

The fruit and vegetable resources are very rich, and it has great advantages to develop fruit and vegetable crisps by vacuum fryer. What’s more, it is a new way to develop high-end and high-quality fried food.

Vacumm fryer machine
Vacuum Fryer

What are the problems with fried products?

At present, deep-fried products still have a series of defects such as high-fat content, monotonous varieties, poor storage quality, and high production cost, etc. Their technical research is mainly concentrated on the process and equipment of a single product, lacking operable model analysis and mechanism.

The future research work needs to solve the following problems about vacuum fryer machine

1. Solve the problem of the high oil content of fried food. When using the vacuum frying machine, the hot oil is the heating medium, but it also migrates to the food. It arouses people to pay attention to health issues. Therefore, it is important to reduce the fat content of fried foods. A simple and feasible solution can solve this problem out, that is,  increasing the solid content and coating technology.

2. Reduce the production cost of fried products, and improve storage stability after using the vacuum frying machine.

3. In addition, increase the variety of fried products. For example, add high nutritional value and high edible fungus, wild plants, and other vacuum fried products. What’s more, study high-quality fried products that conform to traditional dietary habits to enable them to enter the staple food market.

4. Study various functional fried products such as selenium-rich fried foods. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of life rhythm, people will pay more attention to the adjustment of diet structure. Various functional foods have broad application prospects, we should strengthen the research and development.

5. Accurately grasp the heat transfer rule of vacuum fryer, and provide a more accurate and scientific prediction method. Actively carry out research on the safety evaluation of different types of frying oils. Meanwhile, establish a safety evaluation model of fats and oils after repeated frying to improve the quality and safety of fried products.

5. Low-temperature vacuum technology and dehydration technology are widely used in the food processing industry. As a new food processing technology, it has been included in the key promotion plan for the development of the food industry. Further development will definitely promote the technological progress and help depth development of industrialization.

All in all, the vacuum fryer machine is very important in the food processing industries, and it is necessary for us to solve the above problems.

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