Chicken Popcorn Chicken production line supplying to Thailand

Thailand Popcorn Chicken line

The fried chicken popcorn chicken has a golden scaly appearance and a crispy taste. It is welcomed by many people in Southeast Asia and Europe. Chicken popcorn chicken is not only delicious but also has huge investment profits. We have exported several production lines to the United States, Spain, Japan, and other countries. Recently, we will deliver another 100kg/h chicken popcorn chicken production line to Thailand.

Components of the chicken popcorn chicken production line

The processing line is an automatic production line, including cutting, batter dipping, flouring, frying, air-drying, and other processes.

There are different capacity for the production line,such as 100kg/h,150kg/h,200kg/h,ect.

In addition, this processing line can not only make chicken popcorn chicken, it is also suitable for meat, aquatic products, vegetables, cheese, and their mixtures.

Thailand popcorn chicken production line
Thailand popcorn chicken production line

Why the customer choose the 100kg/h chicken popcorn processing line?

This Thai customer told us that they developed from fried food stalls. In Thailand, you can see many roadside fried food stalls. He saw this business opportunity and developed step by step from a food stall. Now he has his own production factory and several shops.

This customer has a medium-sized fried food production plant. He needs to replace the previous semi-automatic frying equipment with a fully automatic one to increase production efficiency. Therefore, he chooses a 100kg/h chicken popcorn chicken production line.

Thailand popcorn chicken line
Thailand Popcorn Chicken line

All the machines of the production line are made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used for a long time and can be used for the production of various fried foods. The two points meet his production requirement. After learning the characteristics of our machine, he quickly placed an order with us.

If you also need a continuous frying machine, vacuum frying machine, burger patty forming and coating machine, and any other fried food production line, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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