Chin chin cutter

New chin chin cutter for making different chin chin shapes

A chin chin cutter is used to cut dough and form it into different chin chin shapes. This machine is often applied in the chin chin production line or the production of other pasta foods. There is a great demand for different types of chin chin. We offer a new chin chin cutter, an ideal solution for varied forms of chin chin snacks.

Namkeen frying machine

Indian pasta snack namkeen frying machine manufacturer

Our company offers automatic namkeen frying machine, also named continuous deep frying machine which can fry flour-based material into namkeen. The fried food has good appearance and tastes crispy with unique flavor. The namkeen frying machine price is fair, with a modest initial investment and a high and quick return.

commercial tempura battering machine

What are the tempura battering machine’s advantages?

The commercial tempura battering machine is an automated machine. It can evenly coat a layer of batter on the surface of tempura products. This machine is suitable for coating meat, vegetables and other tempura products.

chin chin

How to make chin chin commercially?

How to use the chinchin making machine to make chin chin commercially? What should you pay attention to when using the industrial chin chin cutter and making process?