Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

The peanut burger coating machine is used to spread raw materials such as sugar water and flour on the surface of peanuts. This machine can be used alone or combined with baking machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine and other production lines for mass production

automatic peanut frying machine

Continuous peanut frying machine delivered to Nigeria

The peanut frying machine is an automatic commercial fryer, which has the characteristics of continuous operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and automatic timing temperature control.

puffed snack

How to make a puffed snack?

The puff machine is a double screw extruder machine,it can puff corn,rice,wheat,ect. And by changing different molds,it can form various snacks

fried food

How to remove excess oil from fried food?

It usually produces excess oil on the surface of the finished product during frying. If there is too much oil, the fried food will have a greasy feel, which will influence the flavor of the food. Therefore, when using a commercial fryer to fry food, then need a food deoiling machine to remove excess oil.

high temperature frying

What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

When using a commercial fryer machine for high-temperature frying, different vegetable oils have different stability and will produce different reactions.What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

electric heating square fryer

The safe operation method of the electric batch fryer

The electric heating square fryer is easy to operate and low in price, which can quickly create income for us. But if used improperly, it may cause safety hazards. How can we operate the machine correctly and avoid danger? The following are some ways to maintain the machine to ensure the safe use of the machine for a long time.

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