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cheese ball production line
As a tortilla chip maker manufacturer, we have produced automatic tortilla chips production line for many years. Corn chips processing equipment mainly contains a dough making machine, extruder, pulling and cutting machine, frying machine (or baking machine), seasoning machine and packaging machine. The tortilla chip maker is also applicable to the production of various puffed snack food, such as corn chips, corn flakes, cereal puffed products.

    As a cheese ball making machine manufacturer, we have produced automatic cheese ball production lines for many years. Cheese ball production equipment mainly contains a dough-making machine, puffing machine, pulling and cutting machine, frying machine (or baking machine), seasoning machine, and packaging machine. The cheese ball making machine is also applicable to the production of various puffed snack food, such as corn chips, corn flakes, and cereal puffed products.

    Cheese ball making machines unit
    cheese ball making machines unit

    Cheese ball production process

    Our company offers professional cheese ball making machines. The production steps of cheese balls include dough mixing, extruding, cutting, frying/baking, seasoning, and packaging. In a fully automatic cheese ball production line, all the major machines mentioned above are needed and it is also necessary to use a hoister and conveyors as supporting equipment.

    Cheese balls
    cheese balls

    Dough-maker machine

    The dough mixer machine is widely used in bakeries, cake shops, restaurants, households, and other places. It is the first part of the cheese ball machinery. In the mixer, powdery ingredients and water can mix uniformly. The spiral stirring hook rotates in the mixer, and the maize hominy is constantly pushed, pulled, kneaded, and pressed, thus quickly mixed.

    In this way, the dry maize hominy can obtain uniform hydration and become a dough with elasticity and uniform flow. Notably, the degree of puffing is affected by the humidity and starch content of the raw materials. Therefore, while selecting raw materials, it is preferable to pick raw materials with the proper content of water and starch.

    Dough maker
    dough maker

    Technical data

    Machine nameDough-maker machine
    Installed power3KW
    Motor power3KW
    Output10-15kg/batch (5min)

    Double-screw extruder

    The twin-screw extruder is an essential one among cheese ball making machines. The corn puff making machine produces puffed food by processing various grains, such as rice, millet, corn, soybean, and wheat. Its main working principle is to extrude food with the heat generated when the machine rotates.

    An obvious feature of puffed food is that its size becomes larger. The puffed food has a crisp taste, and unique flavor, easy to digest and carry. It is an ideal leisure food for consumers. The raw materials can be shaped in the holes of special molds at high temperatures. Changing the types of molds can result in puffed foods of different shapes.

    Puff snacks
    puff snacks

    Puffing machine working video

    Structure of maize puffing machine

    The cheese ball making machine comprises a feeder, cylinder, gearbox, motor, frame, rotary cutting system, control system, and others. The extruder has a set of screws and screw sleeves, called an expansion cavity.

    After entering the expansion chamber, the raw materials are squeezed, rubbed, and sheared between the screw and the screw sleeve. Then, the internal pressure and temperature rise continuously, so the material starch gelatinizes. After coming out from the outlet, the pressure and the temperature suddenly decrease, and the water flashes, so the material shows a porous or flocculent appearance.

    Double-screw extruder structure details
    double-screw extruder structure details

    Advantages of maize puffing machine

    • Various models and outputs. Such as 100-150kg/h, 200-300kg/h, etc.
    • High-quality product. Uniform size and attractive appearance
    • Extrude molds can be customized based on the customer’s needs.
    • Diverse heating ways: steam and electric heating methods

    Parameter of cheese ball making machine

    Machine nameDouble-screw extruder
    Installed power35KW
    Motor power22KW
    Screw length1050mm
    Screw diameter65mm

    Cheese ball cutter machine

    The pulling and cutting machine is the supporting equipment for the dough maker or corn puffing machine. The lengthy materials are dragged to the cheese puffs cutter machine. The lengthy strips are then chopped into little uniform triangle shapes by the blades of the food shaping machine. Customers may select specific shaping equipment with other molds or blades based on their needs.

    Cheese puffs cutting machine
    cheese puffs cutting machine

    Cheese ball fryer & baking machine

    Fried or baked cheese balls are both popular with many people. We have cheese balls fryers and cheese ball baking machines to produce fried or baked cheese puffs.

    Continuous deep fryer

    The continuous deep frying machine can realize continuous frying with controllable temperature. With advanced heating technology and structure, the mesh belt fryer is oil-saving and energy-saving. This fried food shows a bright color and a crispy taste.

    Technical data

    Machine nameContinuous deep frying machine
    Installed power55KW
    Motor power40KW

    Baking machine

    To produce batches of baked cheese balls, it is needy to use an industrial cheese balls baker. The roaster machine for cheese balls can maintain the original nutrients and taste.

    Flavoring machine for cheese balls

    It is important to utilize a flavoring machine to achieve a distinct flavor. The seasoning machine is designed for even mixing and flavoring without damaging the shapes of puffed food.

    Cheese balls-flavoring-machine
    cheese balls-flavoring-machine

    Parameters of flavoring machine

    Machine nameFlavoring machine
    Installed power0.75KW
    Rotary drum length2100mm

    Cheese balls packaging machine

    Puffed food needs to be packed for storage and delivery, and we offer various types of packaging equipment for puffed food. The packaging weight and packing size can be customized based on customers’ needs.

    Cheese ball packaging machine
    cheese ball packaging machine

    Supporting equipment of cheese ball making machine line

    Feeding conveyor

    Feeding conveyor

    Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase
    Power: 1.1Kw
    Speed: 140rpm/min
    Size: 3000*600*3000mm
    Function: convey mixed flour into the extruder. There is a wheel on the screw conveyor, which is easy to move.

    Cooling conveyor

    Rated power: 0.55kw
    Constant speed operation
    Fan power: 0.18kw 2
    Dimensions: 5000*600*1100mm
    Material: 304 stainless steel mesh belt
    Rack: 201 stainless steel

    Cooling conveyor

    Actually, we provide many types of machines with different outputs and efficiency. Also, customized services are available. If you have any specific requirements for our cheese ball making machine, feel free to get in touch with us. Our Taizy factory can formulate cost-effective puffed food processing solutions for you according to your processing needs and investment budget.

    Welcome to visit taizy factory
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