veggie burger production line for making vegetable burger

veggie burger production line
Veggie burger production line is to process vegetables into a patty and then fry, pack, etc. Veggie burgers are popular with Vegetarian restaurants.

    The veggie burger production line is to process all kinds of vegetables. Such as beans, nuts, grains, seeds, or fungi such as mushrooms or mycoprotein into a patty, and then fry, pack, etc. The veggie burgers produced by the veggie burger production line contain less fat and calories, with higher fiber content. It is popular with more and more Vegetarian restaurants and vegetarians.

    Veggie Burger Process

    What is a veggie burger?

    A veggie burger is a burger patty that does not contain meat. These burgers may be made from ingredients like beans, especially soybeans, and tofu, nuts, grains, seeds, or fungi such as mushrooms or mycoprotein.

    Vegetarian burgers are mainly popular in areas where vegetarianism is popular, such as India, Israel, Italy, and other countries, as well as Burger King and McDonald’s chain restaurants.

    How to produce a vegetable burger?

    The whole production line includes a bubble washing machine to wash vegetables—-chopping machine for cutting vegetables—forming the shape— wrapping the batter–round automatic fryer to fry–deoil machine to deoil—conveyor to transmit the veggie burger—vacuum package machine to pack.

    The steps for producing veggie burger

    1. washing vegetables

    Bubble washing machine
    Bubble Washing Machine

    The bubble washing machine is specialized in washing fruits and vegetables. It can clean the raw materials thoroughly. We can also customize the different lengths of machines according to customer capacity requirements.

    2. vegetable chopping and mixing

    Under the rotation of the chopper, the chopper mixes the meat or vegetables into minced meat or puree. It can also mix pieces of meat, meat pieces, or seasonings. You can choose the appropriate speed according to different requirements to shorten the running time, reduce the calorific value of the material, maintain the color and flavor of the meat filling.

    Chopper machine
    Chopper Machine

    3. veggie forming machine

    Viggie burger forming machine
    Veggie Burger Forming Machine

    The automatic forming machine can form different shapes by changing the different molds. The hamburger forming machine can form meat puree, and vegetable puree into various shapes, such as round shape, square shape, star shape, etc.

    4. veggie burger battering machine

    The batter dipping machine can automatically transfer materials and evenly wrap a layer of slurry on the surface of the materials. Its purpose is to ensure that the protein and other nutrients of the food will not be destroyed by high temperatures. So that the fresh flavor of the food can be locked and the fresh flavor of the food can be retained.

    Burger battering machine
    Burger Battering Machine

    5. round automatic fryer to fry veggie burger


    Automatic frying machines can automatically flip the pot body to make the material enter the pot and exit the pot, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency. The machine is equipped with an automatic temperature measurement device, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating tube is powered off automatically, It can control the product qualification rate reasonably.

    6. veggie burger de-oiling machine

    This de-oiling machine can automatically de-oil and turn the material out. It is made of all 304 stainless steel, which saves manpower and improves safety. It can also be used in other frying production lines.

    Veggie burger de-oiling machine
    Veggie Burger De-Oiling Machine

    7. conveyor


    In a production line, a conveyor belt is an indispensable machine, which can be used to transport the raw materials processed in the previous process to the next production process. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is meet food safety and hygiene standards.

    8. veggie burger pack machine

    The vacuum packaging machine can be evacuated, sealed, printed, and cooled at one time, and is suitable for packaging food, medicine, and aquatic products.

    Burger pack machine
    Burger Pack Machine

    Main features of the veggie burger production line

    • All machine material in this veggie burger production line is 304 stainless steel. So the whole veggie burger production process is non-pollution, clean and hygienic, and can ensure high quality.
    • Part of the vegetable burger processing machine in the veggie burger production line can be replaced. So it is not only the only choice for the line. We also can equip the machine according to the customer’s requirement;
    • For every machine, there are several models, so it can equip with different capacity production lines;
    • As a professional burger processing equipment manufacturer, both the semi-automatic veggie burger production lines and the full-automatic vegetable burger production line can be designed by our factory.