Why you should choose an industrial deep fryer?

There are many types of food frying machines in the market, and they are different in structure and capacity. Personally speaking, I strongly recommend you to chose a mesh belt frying machine, why?

There are many types of food frying machines in the market, and they are different in structure and capacity. Personally speaking, I strongly recommend you to choose an industrial deep fryer, why? I will list some reasons for you

The reasons that trigger to you buy an industrial deep fryer

  1. The industrial deep frying machine adopts an oil-water mixing process design, and the waste residue generated in the process will sink into the water. The oil-soaked in water will return to the oil layer, and the oil residue will be discharged out of the mesh belt fryer machine.
  2. The mesh belt fryer machine uses digital temperature control, and the temperature difference accuracy is around 2 degrees Celsius. In addition, if the temperature reaches the upper limit, it will automatically power off.
  3. The slag discharge is clean, which can keep the interior of the fryer machine clean, and it is easy to clean the machine.
  4. The cooling tank in the food frying machine uses a triangular design, which is convenient for cleaning as well.
  5. It is controlled by a special motor with a frequency conversion speed regulator. The frying time range is adjustable from 20 seconds to 15 minutes. Industrial deep frying machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for frying different kinds of food.
  6. The upper and lower double-layer mesh belt design is adopted. During the frying process, even if the product is floating, the frying color is very uniform.
  7. This food frying machine has a pure oil vertical scraping system, which can continuously clean the bottom residue in time.
  8. A Four-direction chain hoisting system can lift the hood separately, or lift the hood and the frying area at the same time, which is conducive to the cleaning of the fryer machine.
Industrial deep fryer
Industrial Deep Fryer

Benefit analysis of industrial continuous deep frying machine

  1. Advanced oil-water separation technology overcomes the defects of the conventional industrial deep fryer.
  2. A deep frying machine can automatically filter oil so that the fried products are consistent. This not only improves product quality, extends shelf life, but also brings the higher added value of fried products.
  3. The advanced configuration and control system can keep the mesh belt fryer machine always in good working condition. It can improve the output, but also stabilizes the product quality, enabling the color, fragrance, and taste of fried products.
  4. You do not need to change the oil frequently thanks to the automatic oil filtering system. The oil consumed in the working process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, and the oil-saving effect is remarkable.
  5. The advanced and efficient heating system avoids the waste of energy to the greatest extent and saves energy expenditure.
  6. The industrial deep fryer can greatly reduce the various costs in the frying process. And it will make your fried products more competitive in the market.