How to remove excess oil from fried food?

fried food

It usually produces excess oil on the surface of the finished product during frying. If there is too much oil, the fried food will have a greasy feel, which will influence the flavor of the food. Therefore, when using a commercial fryer to fry food, then need a food deoiling machine to remove excess oil.

What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

high temperature frying

When using a commercial fryer machine for high-temperature frying, different vegetable oils have different stability and will produce different reactions.What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

Automatic food batter breading machine for tempura battering

batter coating machine

Commercial food battering machine can be used to wrap thin and thick pastes on products. The food batter breading machine is widely used in coating batter for meat products such as chicken, pork, fish fillets, and vegetable products such as potato pie and pumpkin pie. What’s more, it can also be used frying foods with a flour machine, bread crumbing machine, fryer and other machines.

Are fried foods must harmful to humans?

fry food

When it comes to fried foods, many people think that the heat of fried foods is very high, and the production of fat polymers at high temperatures is also worrying. Many fitness enthusiasts also avoid fried foods, but are fried foods really useless? Some studies have shown that fried foods can provide energy for a […]

The common question about food frying machine

Sometimes customers worry that the food frying machine is not easy to use, or the frying effect is not good. Why do customers worry about this? Next, we will solve the doubts for you through the relevant knowledge we summarize.